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A Summer to Remember

  • 2019 College Interns
  • Aren’t interns supposed to make coffee and copies? That might be the case at some other places, or be a movie cliché, but it is definitely not true for interns at Indium Corporation. This summer, all of the interns have contributed to different parts of the business in a meaningful way. My internship was focused on analyzing the medical technology industry. I was able to work with different departments and learn about the company from a variety of perspectives. Once I had a good understanding of the company and the medical technology industry, I created a marketing handout and a list of leads for the sales team. I never thought when I applied that I would take an idea through the marketing process and be able to create a physical handout by the end of the summer. The saying, “learn by doing” was a reality when it came to this summer. I could have read books and articles about the marketing process and learned half of what I did this summer.

    Creating a list of leads is not something new to me, but I have gained the ability to match Indium Corporation products to medical technology companies. I came into the company with a minimal amount of understanding of what Indium Corporation does. After just ten weeks, I can look at a product on a website and decide if our products can be used in it.

    Indium Corporation is different than other companies. After the first day here I instantly noticed it. Everyone here is a family, which makes working everyday interesting and exciting. In previous internships, I have felt looked down on because I was only an intern and not at the same level as everyone else. This summer I have never felt that way and I was never dismissed for being an intern. This might be a little bit of a plug, but the reason for this is the Indium Way. The company culture is amazing here and you feel right at home the moment you start.

    I have been able to make a lot of connections with everyone here, some that could last forever. I am truly thankful for everyone I have met and all the opportunities this summer has presented me. For anybody that is looking into the internship program, please apply, you won’t regret it. Even if you aren’t going to apply, I strongly recommend that you find a company like Indium Corporation. Without a doubt in my mind, applying for this internship was one of the best decisions of my life.

    Stay classy,

    Ian West.