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Breaking the Ice

  • 2017 College Interns
  • Hello Readers,

    I have recently completed my first week as a college intern at Indium Corporation and am very pleased with my experience so far. However, before I explain any further I would like to give some background information about myself.

    I am from the small town of Morrisville, New York which is about forty minutes away from Clinton and am now entering my junior year at Syracuse University, studying mechanical engineering. I decided to go to SU because, after graduating high school in a class of sixty students, I wanted to see what it was like to be around a larger number, and variety of, people. At Syracuse University, I am a dedicated member of the Formula SAE racing team, in which we design, fund, and build a small formula car powered by a motorcycle engine. I am the treasurer of the team and am also involved in modifying the engine to maximize efficiency and power. Being the treasurer of the team I have gained experience managing money and communicating with the financial board at Syracuse University. However, the most valuable skills I have learned are those involved with working alongside and managing people, ensuring that members fulfill their duties in a timely manner.

    I was skeptical and excited coming into this summer internship for several reasons. One being that I have never had an office job and was unsure what the environment might be like. My previous work experience includes being a cook at a pizzeria and a machinist in a factory, so working with more professional people in an office setting was new to me.  Despite my worries, Indium Corporation provides an environment that I really enjoy. I already feel very comfortable and welcomed by everyone working here. Another aspect that I was unsure about is that this internship is more involved with the business side of the company than the engineering aspects.  Although I have always seen myself working on the design or manufacturing side of production, part of the draw to this internship was that it was more involved in marketing and business, which is a totally new and surprisingly interesting experience for me.

    I am very pleased by the experience I've had here at Indium Corporation in the first week and am very excited to become even more involved as I learn as much as I can.


    Graham Harrington