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Differences Between School and Work

  • 2017 College Interns
  • All throughout our education they have been telling us how scary the next step in our life is going to be and how they need to prep us for it. Each time we moved up they set all these expectations for what we should expect, and often times we found out it’s much different than what they said. At college they are always talking about how we’re going to use all this information in our future job, but I have found that college and work are much more different than what they say.

    Each semester, as I’m sitting in class, I always wonder when I am ever going to use all this information that they are spewing at us. The reality is that I most likely will not ever use it. College gives this very broad range of information that we need to know, while at work we are mainly specialized in one area. We come out with a lot of background information and have an idea of how things work, but it’s necessary to learn a whole new thing when we go to work.

    The best part about school is going to class later in the day and getting out before its 5 o’clock, the worst part is all the homework and tests that I cannot wait to be over with. At work I like that you get to actually do things instead of everything being just theoretical. Also we get paid instead of paying tons of money which is always very nice.