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Finding Your Successful Path

  • 2019 College Interns
  • What is success? This question has so many answers and everyone views it differently. Many people believe that money and achievements correlate to how successful an individual is. This holds some truth but there are many different versions of success. In high school, I took a physics class where I was taught that success requires three qualities. These three qualities make up the success triangle: intelligence, hard work, and curiosity.

    Goal-specific intelligence is important when it comes to working towards any goal, but not required. The beauty of intelligence is that it can be learned over time. For instance, I have gone to college for 2 years now at SUNY Polytechnic Institute for mechanical engineering. That doesn’t mean I know anything about Indium Corporation and the type of manufacturing I would be working with while i am here. In the eight weeks that I have spent working at Indium Corporation as an intern, I have learned a lot of the knowledge that is required of me.

    Focusing on corner two, there is hard work. This is something that comes easy to some people and others have to work on it. I enjoy working hard and putting forth my best. Utica is a small city, very small! That meant finding an internship was going to require some hard work. I had to apply to multiple companies, write multiple cover letters, and prepare for interviews. Without hard work, I likely would have had to work a boring summer job, not at all within my field of study.

    Lastly, looking at corner three, there is your natural curiosity and interest in the subject matter. This one is very personal to me. I love engineering, but that doesn’t mean that either of my parents do. Finding something you love to do and being able to make a living from it can be rare. Many people hate their jobs and this is why I don’t believe that money always equals success.

    So you’re probably asking yourself, he only embodied two of the three qualities to success while he was searching for internships. It was made clear to me in physics that if I had at least two of the three corners that I could succeed. That is exactly what I did; I took my hard work and interest and applied it to my internship search. With all that, I was able to acquire my current internship at Indium Corporation. For that, I would like to thank my physics teacher from Geneseo Central.