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Indium Corporation: One Big Team!

  • 2022 College Interns
  • If I were asked to describe working in Human Resources (HR) at Indium Corporation in one word, I would choose “teamwork.” Well, I might also be inclined to say "fun", "rewarding", and "motivating" — but "teamwork" wins this one. You might be wondering how a desk job involves so much teamwork, especially considering that some people mistakenly assume HR is just paperwork. Yes; there is a lot of paperwork in HR, but there are so many additional pieces to the puzzle.

    Even before someone is officially an employee at Indium Corporation, HR is hard at work. Bringing in new employees has a lasting impact on the company. After all, we are searching for candidates to fill positions company-wide, not just our own department. Our team works with hiring managers to create, post, and monitor jobs. Once there are applicants for a posted position, HR helps review resumes and select candidates for outreach. This process can consist of several interviews (including phone, virtual, and in-person). From there, we remain in contact with the applicants to either make them a job offer or let them know the candidate search has been closed.

    Sounds like the process is complete, right? Wrong! Next, a team member begins planning orientation for the new hire. This HR employee must ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and schedule an all-day training event. At the end of orientation, further paperwork is completed and we send our new-hires home with a smile, ready to take on their first “real” day of work the following day.

    Now the process really sounds done…but it still continues! All paperwork is re-checked and filed away. Now the Internal Communications team comes into play. Internal Communications ensures that the company knows who our new hires are and how they will contribute to our team by creating internal announcements. And voila: our new hires are good to go! No matter the department, new hires contribute greatly to this company, and we are always thrilled to bring new people on board. 

    Even after our new employees are all “official”, HR doesn’t just disappear. The Internal Communications team is here to keep employees engaged and up-to-date on what is happening at Indium Corporation. When someone is experiencing a problem at work, an HR team member is here to help resolve that conflict. And if an employee ever has a question about their benefits or pay throughout the year, they can come on over to HR! We are here to support all employees from recruitment to retirement and everything in between!

    "It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit." - John Wooden

    To four more weeks of HR adventures,
    Caitlin Miller