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Marketing Communications Intern at Indium Corporation: Introduction

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Dear Future Interns,

    Hello! My name is Lucia Forte. I am the Marketing Communications (also known as Marcom) intern at Indium Corporation. I am currently studying New Media Marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology in The Saunders College of Business. I have taken many courses in business, communications, marketing, sales, internet/social media marketing, along with general courses in finance, calculus, and statistics. During my college career I have gained valuable knowledge and skills in my field of study in order to broaden my perspective of marketing communications.

    Outside of work and school, I love every chance I get to spend time with family because I do think this is the most important part of life. I also love being outdoors, going to community events, being active, learning about health and wellness, art and design, and traveling to places I have visited before.

    My first impression coming into Indium Corporation was an immediate sense of welcoming. Feedback and questions are highly recommended in order to prosper in this new environment. During orientation, we not only learned about each department of the company, we also went to the other facilities, and met the people behind the scenes to gain knowledge on how this successful company runs efficiently. You will learn, in upcoming intern posts, that many employees have been with the company for a long time and are very hardworking, prideful, and dedicated to the Indium Corporation.

    I am excited to see what opportunities that my internship will lead to; this includes learning from my supervisors and co-workers. Most imporantly, I am excited to learn more about myself over the next 10 weeks. Although I still have a lot to learn, I am thankful that I was chosen for the intern position with a wonderful company.

    Best regards, 

    Lucia Forte