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The Mid-Point of My 2016 Indium Corporation College Internship Experience

  • 2016 College Interns
  • This week marks the halfway point of my Indium Corporation internship. To commemorate this special occasion, all the interns participate in "Bragging Day." This is where each intern, their supervisors, and a few other important individuals, get together and celebrate the experience. Each intern must give a 3-5 minute presentation about what they have done so far and what they plan to do for the second half of the internship. Bragging Day is new this year so we are the first set of interns to celebrate the halfway point in this way. This is actually very exciting because I finally get to hear about what the other interns are doing. Occasionally, through small talk and reading blog posts, I can determine what some of the interns have been doing, but Bragging Day will reveal more detail.

    Also, this week we had our community service day. This is where all interns volunteered to spend 3 or 4 hours helping to clean up the streets of Utica, NY. Specifically, we picked up trash along the Boilermaker Road Race route. The Boilermaker is a race that takes place every year in the city. I had never heard of the Boilermaker before I started working at Indium Corporation, but now I know that it is a big tradition that everyone looks forward to every year. There are even people that travel from other states and other countries to run. Even though I do not run, and I won't even be in town for the Boilermaker, it felt good to partake, in some small way, to help prepare the city for this occasion.

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