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Why Indium Corporation?

  • 2020 College Interns
  • Welcome to my first ever blog post! I can only assume the first person to read this will be Joy, the awesome intern who helps me come up with blog post ideas. However, if you’re not Joy, then you may be interested in Indium Corporation. I’m here to tell you my experience as to what made me choose Indium Corporation.

    For my first blog post, I thought I’d answer the question everyone asks you when you make a decision...why?

    When I first begin researching any company, the first place I look is the company website, specifically the “company culture” section. The culture of a company means a lot to me and is often the reason I will continue to look at the company. Company culture matters to me because when you feel like you fit into an organization's culture, you feel supported. This internal reward of choosing the right culture can only help facilitate your growth and success.

    At my first ever internship, initially, I didn’t understand the importance of company culture or an organization's values and principles. It wasn’t until I went to work every day and saw the embodiment of “Respect, Humility, and Learning” from each and every worker.

    So, why Indium Corporation?

    The short answer is The Indium Way. These three simple words hold so much meaning. The Indium Way is defined by three words:  Respect, Appreciation, and Achievement. All three of these words are extremely important, but one stood out to me more than the others.

    The last of the three words – Achievement – stood out to me more than any other. “Learning, Teaching, Creating…” were all things that I feel would help me grow in an internship position. Being able to learn is the most important aspect of any career opportunity for me. Without learning, without having someone to teach or mentor you, you simply cannot flourish. Indium Corporation and its HR team has and continues to give me the tools and guidance to learn in a field I’m passionate about. If I have a question, whether it's about an HR information system or something about travel (thanks COVID-19), there is someone to answer my question with a smile.

    *Thank you, Cara, for answering the millions of questions I have…everyday!

    Although it is still early in the internship program, I have the opportunity to make active decisions that help me gain practical experiences each day. The encouragement to learn is what pushes me to achieve.

    The Indium Way is the answer to the why.

    Talk soon, Maria :)