Indium Corporation will feature NanoFoil® at the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) Technical Conference April 23-24 in Providence, R.I.

NanoFoil® is an engineered material that enables room temperature solder bonding, NanoBonding®. The material is industry accepted and proven to lower manufacturing costs, while providing repeatable and reliable bonds. NanoFoil® is an instantaneous heat source, applicable to a variety of applications in many industries.

NanoFoil® simplifies the sputtering target bonding process, while increasing margins and lowering capital expenditures by providing:

  • Reliable, repeatable, controlled bonds for target bonders and target manufacturers
  • Easy ignition in any environment – even under water
  • Thermal conductivity of 25-30w/mK
  • Activation by laser, induction/resistance heating, and electrical pulse
  • A controlled reaction velocity of 2-10 milliseconds

NanoFoil® is environmentally non-toxic and non-hazardous. It has a low profile of 10-150 microns in thickness and is available in sheets, preforms, powders, and particles.

Indium Corporation will be exhibiting at booth number 313.

For more information on NanoFoil® and NanoBonding®, visit, or email