Sputtering Targets

Planar Targets

Indium Corporation has mastered the art of building targets with copper, indium, and gallium.

Features & Benefits

Custom Solutions

Targets are available in custom shapes, sizes, and alloy composition to suit your unique needs. Consistent, tightly controlled chemistry throughout the target enables better control of the resulting solar cell chemistry and morphology.

Typical Dimensions

Round Planar:

Diameter: 50.38 - 381mm (2 - 15 inches)
Thickness: up to 15mm (0.591 inches)

Rectangular Planar:

Length: up to 1700mm (67 inches)
Width: up to 381mm (15 inches)
Thickness: up to 15mm (0.591 inches)

Indium Corporation offers targets with the following alloys:


CIG alloy targets have very low levels of impurities, which enable the manufacture of high efficiency solar cells. This is because we can control the impurity levels before and during our manufacturing process.

Targets can be used in reactive or non-reactive modes. Using fully alloyed targets with various Cu/III and Ga/III ratios enable grading of the deposited CIG chemical composition. This replicates the process used for manufacturing high-efficiency solar cells.


The targets can be produced in chemistry ranges from 50% to 80% Cu atomic weight, with Ga making up the balance of the alloy. They are produced as a monolithic material, bonded onto the backing tube during Indium Corporation’s unique hybrid consolidation process.


High-purity indium targets for co-deposition, reactive sputtering, or simply applying a layer of indium.


Custom-made to your purity, dimensions, and atomic or weight ratios.

CIG Planar Target Copper-Gallium Planar Target

Superior Quality

  • Capability to analyze and control impurities to the part per billion levels.
  • Tightly controlled Fe, Ni, Zn, Cd, and Hg enable higher solar conversion efficiency.
    • Hg=10 ppm max*
    • Fe=25 ppm max*
    • Ni=25 ppm max*
    • Zn=25 ppm max*
    • *Typical values. Higher purities are available upon request.
  • Alloys available with Cu/III ratios 0.1 - 0.99 and Ga/III ratios 0.2 - 0.3.
  • The targets are securely packed to avoid contamination and damage during shipment. Custom packaging is available on request.

Oneway (JMP) Analysis of Data by Sample Attribute=Ga/III

Oneway Analysis

Spec Limits

Spec Limits

Std Deviations

Level Number Std Dev
1 3 0.000298
2 3 0.000426
3 3 0.000302
3A 3 0.000393
4 3 0.000397
5 3 0.000236
6 3 0.000125
6A 3 0.000456
7 3 0.000348
8 3 0.000271
9 3 0.000616