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Process Optimizations Calculators and Guides

Indium Corporation provides a portfolio of process optimization calculators and guides to make the process optimization and materials selection simpler and easier.

Simple Steps to Process Optimization

Take the guesswork out of process optimization with Indium Corporation’s analytical tools. Our portfolio of process optimizations calculators and guides are designed to give you actionable data to improve your processes.

The Solder Alloy Selector Guide allows you to identify the best alloy for your processes based on your requirements for melting temperature, operational temperature, or process temperature. You can also narrow your search to include only Pb-free and Cd-free and RoHS compliant alloys.

Over time, the formation of dross can reduce the percentage of tin in your solder pot. The Solder Pot Calculator is a quick and easy tool that you can use to rebalance your pot back into spec by telling you the amount and type of metal to add to your solder pot. The calculator can also be used when you want to remove solder alloy from the pot and replace it with fresh metal when the pot is full.

The cored wire calculator contains two versatile tools. One tool allows you to determine the flux volume % and wire wall thickness based on the specific gravity, flux weight percent, and wire diameter of an alloy. The second tool calculates the length of solder wire when given the specific gravity, flux weight percent, wire diameter, and total weight of the alloy.

Process Optimization Calculators

ReflowCoach ® is a software tool for optimizing the reflow process. It combines your reflow furnace's capabilities with your solder materials' recommended procedures to deliver an optimized reflow profile for the assembly you are making.

  • Donut Preforms and Pin-in-Paste
  • Standard Apertures
  • Passive Apertures
  • Pin-in-Paste Apertures
  • Preforms and Pin-in-Paste

WaveCoach® is a software tool for optimizing the wave soldering process. It assists in the development and creation of the pre-heat profile and wave soldering machine parameters desired to each specific assembly.

AuditCoach® helps SMT process engineers and managers to assess the fitness of their assembly process to produce quality world-class products at the lowest possible cost.

LineCoach® performs the calculations needed to determine which components should be placed by various component placement machines to assure maximum productivity.

DefectRate Calculator determines the number of samples with no failures that are needed to support a given defect rate. If the number of samples is given, then the defect rate that can be supported if no samples fail is calculated.

Practice Quizzes

As technology continues to change and evolve, it’s important to stay on top of the field’s best practices. As a strong supporter of professional development and a proud collaborator on the current and emerging challenges of the industry, including surface mount technology, Indium Corporation is providing this free practice test to help engineers prepare for their SMTA Certification.