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Video Library

Get a first-hand look at Indium Corporation's product, application, and technical expertise through our versatile video library.
*The video content below was created before the COVID-19 pandemic and does not reflect the current safety protocols upheld by Indium Corporation.

Products: Fluxes

Wave Flux and Reliability

Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) and Flux Designation (ROL) Defined

Effect of Reflow Environment on No-Clean Residue and Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR)

Indium Corporation - Soft Solder Superstars

Products: Inorganic Compounds

Indium Corporation’s Innovations For the Factory Floor Part 1: EZ-Pour®

Liquid Metals Wet Glass @ Room Temperature: Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation’s Innovations For the Factory Floor Part 2: Indium Tri-Chloride Type H

EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride, Part 1

EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride, Part 2

Indium Acetate: Vivid Quantum Dots

Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO) Used in Flat-Panel Displays

Indium Tin Oxide: For Flat-Panel, Touch-Screen Technologies

Products: Metals

Indium Corporation: Melting Gallium with Body Heat

6 Alloy Families: Gallium

6 Alloy Families: Lead

Gallium Metal – Gallium is Great!

Indium Used for Pigment

The Hard Facts on Soft Metal

6 Alloy Families: Tin

6 Alloy Families: Gold

6 Alloy Families: Bismuth

6 Alloy Families: Indium I

6 Alloy Families: Indium II

Indium Metal – Reclaiming This Versatile Metal

Indium is Abundant!

Products: NanoFoil®

NanoFoil® Activation

NanoFoil® Demonstration

NanoBond® Process

Foil Ignition

Foil Ignition Two Pieces

NanoFoil® Bonding in a Flash!

Products: Semiconductor

Tin and Laser Produced Plasma (LPP)

Avoid the Void®: Voiding in High-Temperature Soldering

Avoid the Void®: High-Temperature Soldering with Semiconductor-Grade Preforms

From One Engineer to Another® - Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials that Ensure Your Success

Products: Solders

Achieve Better Dispensability with Indium12.8HF Jetting/Microdispensing

Indium12.8HF Jetting and MicroDispense Paste’s Features

Indium12.8HF Solder Paste for Jetting and Microdispensing

Avoid the Void® Using Heat-Spring Metal Thermal Interface

Avoid the Void®: Indium8.9HF Solder Paste with Andreas Karch

Avoid the Void® with halogen-free Indium 8.9HF Solder Paste

Indium Corporation - Soft Solder Superstars

Indium Corporation: Flux-coated preforms - LV1000

Avoid the Void®: Voiding in Gold-Tin (AuSn20) Solder Joints

Indium Corporation’s Low-Spatter, Flux-Cored Robotic Soldering Wire

Indium Corporation: Specifying solder preforms

Benefits of Solder Fortification® Preforms

Avoid the Void®: High-Temperature Soldering with Semiconductor-Grade Preforms


Calculating Confidence Intervals of Cpk in Stencil Printing

Indium8.9HF ‐ The Proven Automotive Solder Paste

Indium8.9 Pb-Free No-Clean Solder Paste

Choosing Flux-Coated Solder Preforms

Indium8.9HF Solder Paste: Material Comparisons for Soldering Process Issues

Indium12.8HF Solder Paste Trusted by Jetting and Microdispensing Equipment Leaders

Live @ APEX 2015

No-Clean vs. Water Soluble Solder Paste

Flux-Cored Wire in Robotic Soldering

Reducing Voiding with LV1000 Flux-Coated Solder Preforms

Voiding in Flux-Cored Wire

Selecting the Appropriate Halogen-Free Solder Paste

BiAgX® Solder Paste Technology as a Drop-In Replacement for High-Pb Solders Part 1

Solder Fortification® Using Preform-In-Paste (PiP) - Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation: Heat-Spring® Thermal Interface Material INTRO

Water Soluble vs. No Clean Technology

InFORMS® A Drop-In Replacement

LV1000 Flux Coating for Solder Preforms

Innovative Low-Temperature Alloy Innovation

The Versatile Solder Preform

Indium3.2HF Solder Paste

An Introduction to Particle Size and Printing Smaller Area Ratios

Indium10.1 and Indium8.9HF Solder Pastes Help You Avoid the Void®

Products: Thermal Interface Materials

LV1000 Flux-Coated Preform - Voiding Solution

How to Release Liner from HSMF Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

InFORMS® - A Different Kind of Preform

Products: Thin Film Materials

Sputter Target Bonding