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Cold Feet

  • 2021 College Interns
  • Today marks a month since I first walked through the doors of Indium Corporation. I remember my first day: I was extremely nervous and anxious (going to work in only one sock tells the whole story). What will it be like? What will the people be like? What will my supervisor be like? Will they like me? I had so many questions.

    When I stepped in, it was the warmest and most welcoming environment. Being greeted like an employee and not just another intern was a fantastic feeling. A Google search might lead you to think that Indium Corporation is just another company. However, after onboarding, you recognize that you are now a part of a company that is changing the world and impacting lives every day. On my second day, I was in both socks and ready; my feet were not as cold as day one. Since then, it has been constant learning in an environment where I am free to be me. After a few weeks, work started feeling like home; the people, the culture, and the atmosphere makes waking up at 6.a.m. a lot easier.

    Over these few weeks, what has stood out to me the most is that at other organizations, you can immediately identify who the leaders are. At Indium Corporation, it is so different; executives are just ordinary employees. A typical water cooler conversation about another office snowball fight could be with the CEO. So far, it’s great here; One People, One Indium.

     - Steph