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How Clarkson University Prepared Me for My Indium Corporation Internship

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Clarkson University was one of my top choices for engineering schools. Not only did they offer engineering and other STEM fields but they are also a business and communications university. It may not be ranked as one of the best schools in the country but this year Clarkson University was ranked as number nine in the top thirty schools with the best job placement after graduation. Clarkson University has been ranked in the top thirty for many years now and it's one of the reasons I chose to go to Clarkson upon my graduation from high school. Another reason I chose to go to Clarkson was because it was a small school, which means that there are small class sizes, and the professors take the time to get to know each student. This personal relationship also makes it much easier to ask professors for recommendations because they already know you so well.

    Clarkson University has taught me many important life skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and scientific writing.  The interesting thing about Clarkson is that the professors will teach students these skills through whichever means are necessary. For example, I gave an embarrassing TED talk in front of an esteemed panel of judges in my biomechanics class. Next Spring I have to take a 24 hour fermentation lab. And yes, we have to collect data every fifteen minutes for 24 hours. Now as terrible as these tasks may seem, they are part of the reason that students that graduate from Clarkson University are very independent and successful in their endeavors. These tasks also increased my confidence, which prepared me for this internship experience. These skills, combined with the skills I already had, such as organization and time management, made the transition to my internship at Indium Corporation that much easier.

    The best thing about being an intern at Indium Corporation is, that since day one, I was treated as if I was a full time employee. I was given responsibilities and I was given potential products to test. This made me feel like I was appreciated and thought of as part of the team. Ever since day one, I was put in the lab and shown how to run certain tests. I have sheared flux, mixed solder pastes, printed circuit boards, run tackiness tests, reflowed the boards, and checked for solder balling. I have also measured viscosities, and done copper corrosion tests for multiple paste samples. Every time I am seen in the lab, I get treated with just as much respect and appreciation as the next chemist or lab technician. After doing all of this, I now have more respect for the Research and Development Department because, without them, Indium Corporation would not have any products to manufacture and sell. This is a big responsibility and I am honored to be a part of it.  

    Best Wishes,