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Lunch @ 12?

  • 2023 College Interns
  • It seems as though one of the main things the majority of us were concerned about when starting this internship was:

    Whether or not we would bond with our fellow Interns.

    Throughout the first 2 weeks of the internship, everyone could feel the immense awkwardness in the air that came from the interns. Once it was announced that we would be able to drive from site to site, I immediately hopped on the opportunity to get the girls into the car to be able to freely discuss our thoughts on everything.

     Not only was it a way to get away from sitting at our desks, it also allowed us to get to know each other much better. As we traveled to all the different sites, there was never a moment of silence. We talked all about our lives, school, relationships and, of course, the internship experience. It’s safe to say that our rides to and from the different sites was where we were able to connect the most. And, as time passed, we’ve created a natural lunch tradition that starts with the highly-anticipated Webex message of: “Lunch @ 12?”.

    Now, as we sit in the kitchenette during lunch, talking at the top of our lungs and filling the office with laughter, we’re able to bring a bring a piece of our youthful spirit to the adult world.