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One Bite, Everyone Knows the Rules

  • 2019 College Interns
  • I’m not going to lie; I’ve been preparing this post since I found out that I would author a blog. Inspired by Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy, I wanted to review pizza. Each day, Portnoy will try a piece of pizza and review it in a short vlog and post it on his, and Barstool Sports’, Twitter and Instagram pages. Although he says he only takes one bite, that’s never the case. His other rules are that you can’t give a slice a score of 6/10; it has to be to the tenths place so a 6 would be a 6.0 and a slice can never be a perfect 10. So in true Portnoy style, let’s begin.

     Alright, we are here at Pizza Boys on Clinton Street in New York Mills, NY. This is a favorite spot for our Indium Corporation intern group on Tuesdays because they offer slices for only a dollar! Plus, it’s close enough to the office that we can go on our lunch break. Over the past 10 weeks I’ve tried and reviewed a few slices. So let’s see how the slices stack up against each other. One bite, everyone knows the rules.

    Buffalo Chicken: This piece had just the right amount of wing sauce, so it wasn’t overbearing. They didn’t put any useless toppings on the pizza, like celery and blue cheese, as they do in Rochester. All the pizza had on it was chicken, cheese, and sauce, which is perfect. However, the chicken wasn’t breaded, a must for buffalo chicken pizza. So, that brings the overall score down. Overall, it was a solid slice. Not the best thing ever, but not the worst either.  Score: 7.3/10

    Gold Dust: I have no idea what is in the gold dust sauce but ... wow! It is incredible! It was tangy, spicy, and sweet all in one. It was very similar to the buffalo chicken pizza, just a change in the sauce from buffalo to gold dust. The big difference between the two is that the chicken on this slice was breaded. This was, hands-down, the best slice I had from Pizza Boys. Score: 8.2/10

    Broccoli: I normally love broccoli on anything. In fact, it’s my favorite vegetable. However, I was quite disappointed in this slice. It all stems from one issue; there was too much butter for a slice of pizza. The butter soaked into the crust, making the slice too greasy and too floppy. The broccoli was cooked well, but I can’t ignore the amount of grease that pooled up on the slice. Score: 6.1/10

    Sausage: This slice was alright, but not too memorable. The one thing I remember about it is that it had crumbled sausage and not pieces. The crumbled sausage provided more sausage flavor since the sausage was more spread out. Overall, it’s an average slice of pizza; nothing special. Score: 6.6/10

    BBQ Chicken: BBQ chicken pizza has gained some popularity in the past few years. It’s an interesting twist on the classic slice, with the pizza sauce being replaced by BBQ sauce. The sauce didn’t soak into the crust, and the piece held firm. The chicken was cooked well, and the sauce was pretty good, too. This wasn’t as good as the buffalo chicken, but I would still consider getting it again. Score: 7.0/10

    Garlic: Garlic pizza typically has two big issues: either there is too much garlic or there is too much butter. I am happy to say that neither of these were an issue with this slice. The amount of garlic was just right and the butter soaked into the crust a little, so it had some flop to it. I would probably get it again but still not their best slice. Score: 7.1/10

    Cheese:  The classic slice of pizza: cheese. This is really how you can judge a pizza place. As was the situation for most of the slices here, it wasn’t too greasy, which is good. But something still wasn’t right for me. The sauce was a little too sweet and the crust a little too doughy. It was an average slice of pizza, I would recommend sticking with their specialty slices. Score 6.8/10

    All the Best,