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Switching to a Sustainable Method of Record Keeping is Vital for a Company's Success

  • 2017 College Interns
  • One of the biggest priorities of many companies today is maintaining a productive yet sustainable workplace. From what I have observed so far, Indium Corporation is already doing its part in this fight to save Mother Earth.

    This past week my main focus has been on updating the preventative maintenance logs for different production cells into our record-keeping software at Indium Corporation's Business Park Drive location. The purpose of keeping a record of any repairs and other maintenance done to the machinery is to keep track of its condition. We can maximize our production when the machinery is working properly. That is why its better to efficiently take the time and money to prevent breaks and other serious malfunctions which could end up costing the company more than it would if maintenance had been performed prior to that.

    As of 2017, Indium Corporation has started to record all of its preventative maintenance records and future schedules using software and by utilizing iPads. With the iPad, not only can you log the maintenance performed into the system right away, but you can also use the camera to take a picture of the machinery. Not only can this show when a certain piece of equipment needs to be repaired/replaced, but, in a scenario where a new employee is having trouble finding a certain machine, they can just pull up the picture and location of it on the iPad.

    So, not only would switching to digital records save mounds and mounds of paper being wasted, but it also proves to be more productive and time-saving in the long run.

    Now, the problem that comes with this is getting people to smoothly transition to the new method of bookkeeping, which is much easier said than done. Along with creating a more sustainable workplace, we also need to create one that is more tech savvy as we maximize the continued success of Indium Corporation.

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