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Evaluating a Person for DOE, SPC and Stats

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  • Folks,

    Suppose you need to select a consultant or verify the qualifications of some of your staff to perform designed experiments (DOE), statistical process  control (SPC) and statistical analysis. What are five questions you could ask to see if the folks you are interviewing have the right stuff to do the job?  Try these?
    1. What is the difference between common cause and special cause variation?
    2. In designed experiments the f statistic is used to evaluate whether or not a factor is significant. How would you explain the f statistic to a layman?
    3. What do the Shewhart Rules tell us?
    4. I would like to sample a large population and test whether or not I can claim that the population has zero defects with a 95% confidence. How can I do this?
    5. What is Cpk? How does it differ from Cp?
    An extra: "Six Sigma" is widely claimed to be 3.4 ppm defects. Is this correct, if not why not?
    I'll share the answers in a few days.
    Dr. Ron

    The photo is of Walter Shewhart  of the Shewhart Rules fame.  Click the link, his story is interesting!