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Intern Review of Interview with Famous Blogger Jim Hisert

  • 2016 College Interns
  • Jim Hisert recently conducted an interview with me and I would like to do a little review of it.

    First off I would like to thank Jim for taking his time and doing this interview with me; it is greatly appreciated. This interview was conducted via email, which is a lot different than the traditional in-person or over-the-phone interview. Honestly, I enjoyed the interview because I was able to think clearly about the questions before answering them. There was no particular rush to answer the question, or the idea of pressure. The interview consisted of three questions, which I will briefly review:

    The first question was, “When did you realize you were interested in engineering?” This question made me think a little to actually when and what was the first thing that really made me interested in engineering. This allowed me to think about back when I was at Whitesboro high school, first learning about engineering in our technology classes. Back to where I only knew that engineering dealt with building and designing and I had no scientific or mathematical knowledge behind it. I can see how far I have come since then and I am truly proud of myself.

    The second question he asked was, “What other skills do you expect to develop while at Indium this summer?” This question made me think to which skills to I want to improve, but also which skills have I already developed. I would say this question motivated me even further to improve those skills. But, I would like to say those aren’t the only skills I wish to develop. In fact, I wish to develop all kinds of skills during my internship; even ones not particularly relating to my job or type of work.

    The final question Jim had asked me was, “Do you have any advice for students who are interested in an internship?” I believe this is an important question in regards that I can speak for fellow students. I understand some students aren’t exactly sure if they want to do an internship and just wait until they graduate because they already have a part-time job. Or simply I know it may be difficult for some students to obtain an internship. All students should be interested in an internship, as it is an important transition point between student and employee. No matter what profession a student goes in, I suggest an internship in that environment before graduating as it will make the transition much easier and you will become more professional.

    Until Next Time,