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The Old Ball Game: Sponsored by Indium Corporation

  • 2017 College Interns
  • During my first day at Indium Corporation, we were told about many things the company does to pull employees together in ways other companies do not. One way, is that tickets are raffled off for events outside the company, so workers and their families can attend. I noticed there were entry forms for an upcoming Utica Blue Sox baseball game on the bulletin board and I decided to sign my name and 4 tickets for myself and my family. Then, a week later, I was notified that I had won! I was extremely excited because, from what my parents told me, we haven’t been to one of their games since my sister and I were very young.

    The Utica Blue Sox are a local minor league team, consisting of mostly college athletes from all around the country. They are also in the PGCBL. This league game was against the Albany Dutchmen on Friday, June 16th.

    Arriving at the stadium with my family, we handed in our tickets, and received an Indium Corporation cup with food vouchers in it! The evening got better at that point for me, because I love food! Then, we made our way to find seats under the covered section of the stands, just in case it started to rain.

    Many events took place during the game that kept fans entertained. It started with a local middle school band playing our National Anthem, followed by games for kids and adults, on the field, in between innings to win prizes.

    As the game went on, and the line for food seemed to increase every time we looked, the 9th inning soon came. The Dutchmen managed to overcome the Blue Sox; 7-5. Even though Utica didn’t come away with the ‘W’, it was an enjoyable game and I was delighted for this opportunity to be in attendance with my family.

    By sponsoring this event, Indium Corporation strives to be active in the community. It is in the ethos of the company to provide these kinds of opportunities for its staff, and the area. This nature of employee appreciation isn’t as strong in other companies as it is here. The Indium Way is an enterprise-wide corporate culture that every site adheres to, globally.