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Advantages of L-Shaped Bus Ribbon For Solar Module Assembly

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  • Okay, I have to admit I was wrong… I used to have a bias against L-Shaped bus ribbon. “Why not just use available continuously spooled ribbon?” The good news is that I have seen the error in my ways, and L-Shaped bus ribbon is now available.

    Cosmetically, functionally, and practically – I have no argument against these curved pieces of solder coated copper ribbon. Let’s compare this product to the alternatives (bending/folding a straight ribbon around a corner or soldering two ribbons at a 90° angle:


    Compared to the alternative, L-Shaped ribbon looks sexy. (I never thought I’d be talking about bus ribbon in that way.) The 9mm radius on the product keeps all corners of the module looking uniform and smooth.


    We’ve developed a way to bend the ribbon without creating wrinkles on the inner edge or reducing cross-sectional area on the outer edge. Since these L-Shaped ribbons are smooth, they have the potential to transmit current more efficiently and they are slimmer in profile for lamination.


    Replaces a soldering process with a single part, which is ready to be assembled.


    I’m on board now. Let me know if you’d like any additional info about this product.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert