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An Interesting Perspective on B2B Marcom

  • B2B Marcom

  •  just ran across what appears to be a very interesting, and potentially valuable, blog – if you dig B2B Marcom that is.

    Marcom Broadband NewsWire appears to have been started in May of 2007 by Kristin Gabriel.

    Her posting titles say it all for me:

    *The Value of Podcasts

    *The Art of Article Submissions

    *Pay-Per-Click versus SEO and Social Media Marketing

    *Keyword Analysis – The First Step in SEO

    ... and more

    She is focused (specializing) primarily in SEO, and being found online. This is a critical part of any and every B2B Marcom program. I hope to learn more from Kristen in the near future.

    Image: screen grab from Marcom Broadband NewsWire blog.