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AuSn (金錫)---Laser Bar Eutectic Bonding

剛剛看見一個關於如何使用AuSn預成型焊片 (金錫,主要是Au80Sn20的共晶材料)來做laser bar bonding的短文和錄像,頗受啓發。在此與大家共享。短文和錄像轉載在Finetech:

Laser Bar Bonding
In comparison to single lasers, laser bars consist of several single edge-emitting lasers comprised in a silicon bar. Bundling the light results in significantly increased output power as needed in a wide range of applications.

Laser bars are high power products, applied wherever small and efficient light-emitting units are needed. They mainly serve as pumping sources for optical resonators of high power lasers. Another field of use can be found in medical appliances.

What are the challenges?

  • Sensitive components with brittle materials and optically active areas
  • Delicate edges and facettes
  • Perfect coplanarity required to ensure proper thermal management
  • Highest placement accuracy needed to ensure defined overhang
  • Stacked mounting (lasers to submount) requires different solder materials with their appropriate profiles
  • Void free bonding
  • Solder materials are prone to oxidation, process integration required
  • High magnification of large components
  • Indium bonding under process gas atmosphere
過去我也有一篇blog寫了關於Indium公司AuSn 材料的,請分享。


First image & English content source: FineTech; AuSn image from Indium Corporation.