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    Industrial publisher PennWell bestows their PennWell ATD Eddy Award on magazines in their company for various forms of excellence. The Indium Corporation advertises with a few of their publications (to promote our Pb-free capabilities, solder pastes, fluxes, underfills, technical service, etc.), including SMT Magazine (a book dedicated to Surface Mount Technology, a form of electronics assembly).

    SMT Magazine has just received the ATD Eddy Award for "Best Cover Concept" for the second year in a row. Earning it once is tough since each editor-in-chief of the 18 magazines at PennWell's Advanced Technology Division submits one cover from the year to compete for this award. Earning it twice in a row is really special.

    Why am I telling you all this? Because my brother, Chris Short, is the illustrator that designed both winning covers.

    According to Gail Flower, SMT's editor-in-chief, "Chris has given us inspiring, award-winning illustrations for our last two December issues. He was able to make electronics into a futuristic world of its own through the eyes of an artist."

    Chris' work has appeared within, and/or on the cover of, numerous publications including Newsweek, Reader's Digest, Popular Science, Activision Value, MGM, National Geographic Explorer, and Fox/Disney . His work assisted firefighters at ground zero of the World Trade Center in locating utilities. His 3-D illustrations have been seen on the Discovery Channel. I've also used his talent to help with graphics for literature, trade show exhibits, and websites.

    See more from Chris Short.

    Yes, he's a hot shot professional now, but I knew him back when he was in junior high school, hand-editing Super 8 movie film to produce home-made sci-fi thrillers that used kitchen gadgets for props and neighborhood kids as actors. He's also a fairly good golfer, but try getting him on the links now that he has a young daughter.

    Proud of you bro!