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B2B Marcom Takes A Video Village

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  • I was making a video ad in Shanghai last week. A new B2B Marketing person was tagging along with me for the half-day event. The next day, when the finished video was playing on our website and on other companies' sites, I asked my inexperienced colleague what she thought of the event. Her answer? "It's easy!"

    Just 10 years ago, who would have imagined that filming, post-producing, editing, and posting a video online would look easy? Almost no one!

    So, how is it made to look easy? The secret is to put together a group of very capable, talented, dedicated individuals – a video village. I am fortunate to live in such a video village, and here is how we get things done:

    1) A creative team thinks up the ad theme and specific versions. The story is completely storyboarded such that the raw video can be edited into effective versions of varying lengths. Lists are made of all necessary props, costumes, actors, locations, etc.

    2) A team shows up on location with a well-thought-out story board, actors, costumes, props, and a talented video crew.

    3) They block out all the actions, run through the motions, and capture it all as raw video.

    4) The raw video is uploaded.

    5) The post-production team picks up the video, adds any effects, edits the video into 15-, 30-, 60-second, and long-form versions. Here is an example of a the long-form version we made last week (elapsed time for steps 2-8 was about 12 hours):

    6) The post- team uploads the finished videos.

    7) A fourth team grabs the finished videos and places them in the appropriate locations throughout and on Indium Corporation's YouTube channel.

    8) A fifth team grabs the finished videos and places them with our advertising outlets (online media).

    9) A sixth team distributes the finished videos to Indium Corporation staff for use in PowerPoint presentations and the like.

    Still sound easy? Remember the secret – the video village. They are the ones who make it all look easy. In my case, I want to thank some really special people. These are the behind-the-scenes teams that toil away with tremendous skill:

    - I-Connect007The Paige GroupQuadsimia