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Catalysis of Organics with Indium and Gallium

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  • Indium and gallium compounds have been used in catalysis for many years and research on new applications is increasing.


    In which processes are indium and gallium compounds used?   They include:

    • methanation of CO to make CH4
    • direct hydrogenation of CO2 to CH3OH
    • biomass reduction to make a cost effective bio-BTX for further purifying
    • cyclar process for making aromatics
    • and several others

    Why In and Ga Compounds?  They are readily available in quantity and cost effective constituents in Friedel-Crafts reactions and in Fischer-Tropsch processes. In addition, indium is an effective Lewis Acid. They are also water-soluble, making the cleaning easy and cost-effective.

    Which compounds are used?   Typically, the chlorides and nitrates of each metal are used in aqueous solution, to permeate the supporting zeolite base. Stability in water allows aqueous recycling and, often, the use of water as a reaction solvent.

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