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Celebrating Women in Science at Indium Corporation!

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  • Join us as we’re introducing our latest series, “Celebrating Women in Science.” In the coming weeks, get to know six women at Indium Corporation and hear how their aspirations led them into a career in science! Here’s what you can expect:

    Who will be interviewed?

    Carol Gowans - Product Manager: Carol has more than 30 years of experience in sales and product management, with a current focus on indium and bismuth products.

    Emily Belfield - Regional Sales Manager: Emily joined Indium Corporation in 2020 as a Technical Support Engineer and now has transitioned into her role in sales. As Regional Sales Manager, Emily is responsible for maintaining existing sales and driving new qualifications.

    Kay Parker - Quality Engineering Applications Specialist: Kay first joined Indium Corporation as a college intern and joined the company as a Technical Support Engineer after graduating. In her current role, Kay is focused on the improvement of different manufacturing processes, equipment, techniques, and materials to optimize industry applications.

    Emily Lombardi - Manufacturing Process Engineer I: Emily has nearly a decade of experience in the engineering field. She develops, implements, and supports optimized manufacturing processes.

    Jenny Gallery - Product Specialist: Jenny has experience in both the research and teaching field. In her current role, she researches and analyzes customer and market data, and she serves as a resource to our current and prospective customers, field sales, and internal departments.

    Claire Hotvedt - Product Development Specialist: During her time at Indium Corporation, Claire has had several roles, from intern to Research Technologist to her current role. As a Product Development Specialist, she facilities the transition of new solder paste products from developmental stages into fully launched and marketable solutions.

    What will be discussed?

    Early Aspirations

    At the beginning of the series, we’ll discover how our women in science created their paths into the STEM field. You may be surprised to hear about how some of their early childhood passions were nurtured to develop their careers. No matter their background, most of the women shared their desire to solve challenges and explore the world of science.


    As the weeks unfold, you’ll hear about the experiences that have impacted their careers. From learning in the classroom to overcoming challenges and building community, our women in science have plenty of insights. Whether you’ve been in the field for some time or just starting out, there’s an opportunity to learn from wherever you are in your career.

    Advice for the Future

    The series wraps up with conversations about the possibilities in the field. Our women in science discuss ways society can support future generations as they discover their passions, along with advice to encourage those developing their careers in the field.

    You won’t want to miss out on these conversations. Each week we’ll be posting a new video, so make sure you’re following us on our social media!