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Electronic Teddy Bears Exempted from WEEE/RoHS

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  • Folks,

    The following is a letter from Steven, my responses are in bold

    Dear Dr. Ron,

    I work in testing lab in Hong Kong. Recently we have received many inquiries on WEEE and RoHS regarding exempted products. Hence, I have some questions and would like you to share your understanding with us.

    1. Do walkman-earphones, speakers, amplifiers etc fall under RoHS and WEEE?

    Yes, because they are electronically functional parts of the unit.

    2. Regarding a packaged set of a hair-drier sold with hair brush, is the hair brush required to fulfill RoHS and WEEE?

    No, because the hair brush is not an electronically functional part of the unit.

    3. The EU has published information stating that a battery operated Teddy Bear is exempted from RoHS. Why it is exempted?

    Electronics is not required to fulfill the primary mission of the toy (i.e to be cuddly.) This area is obviously subject to interpretation.


    Dr. Ron



    Thanks in advance and wait for your prompt reply.


    Best Regards,