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  • I read yet another comment on character blogging today. My comment reads: I've pondered character blogs for quite a while now. My feeling is that ALL bloggers have some sort of "voice" with which we blog. Precious few use a truly authentic voice/persona. Therefore, most are delivering some sort of character blog. As we move across the continuum, we hear increasingly artificial voices until we encounter complete artifice, such as Sex and the City's Carrie Blog. We could even read, as Toby playfully suggested, a blog from Herbie the Love Bug! Which shade of gray is acceptable? Where is the line? I think it depends on both the purpose and the audience of the blog. Some readers want entertainment, others require facts. And we certainly aren't going to stop people from trying on various voices. Conclusion: caveat emptor.

    It seems to me that some blog purists really dislike any sort of "voice" in a blog. Others are using characters with reckless abandon.

    Blogging is not some sort of sacred holy ground. It is a hybrid form of literature that is out of control. As readers we need to consider the source of all input and be a bit careful. And we will see increasingly more character blogs.

    Does anyone really care what a fictional movie car has to say about its daily routine? It's not for me to say.

    We'll all hear a lot more on this topic I am sure.