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Facts, Not Fluff, in B2B Marcom

  • B2B Marcom

  • "It takes savvy marketing to break through to electronics engineers, a group that wants straightforward information and facts, not overblown marketing fluff."


    If this quote turns you on, then you've got to read an article from BtoB Online. Written by Mary E. Morrison, the piece, titled, Facts, Not Fluff, Spark Interest, discusses the results of some research, and the opinions and thoughts of some experts - all regarding promoting technology products to a technical audience.

    I have always believed that there is a special way to appeal to a tecchie audience, but this article is really going to help me share these concepts with my product and marketing managers. Here are some more pithy quotes:

    • " the more complicated or layered the marketing message is, the more likely engineers are to "turn it off." "
    • "a strong corporate Web site is an essential part of most manufacturers' marketing efforts."
    • "marketers should be considering informational advertising that's in the context of what the audience is doing"

    If you're nodding your head in agreement, I know you will read, and use, the article. If you are not sold yet, or if you think this is a little dubious, then you really SHOULD read the article.