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Happy Birthday Indium Corporation!

March 13th is the 78th anniversary of the founding of Indium Corporation.  Dr. William S. Murray, J. Robert Dyer JR, and Daniel Gray combined to create a company that was, in 1934, on the cutting edge of technology at the time - and that still is today.

Although some of the initial attempts to utilize indium were decidedly low-tech (plating of silverware and use in gold dental alloys), the first real breakthrough came when Mr. Dyer developed the process to indium-plate aircraft engine bearings to make them last longer.  Today our indium metal is in thermal interface materials, batteries, medical devices, aerospace devices, solar panels, flat panel displays. Of course, the full range of Indium Corporation products (including materials that contain no indium at all) can be found in a myriad of electronic devices.  We hold a wide variety of patents and have conducted endless tests and experiments including some aboard the space shuttle.

In between we have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and many other technology journals and received awards for our technical expertise and our customer service.

Our original founders were very "hands on" in their approach to developing their company and we still follow that approach today.  Our sales and technical staff, locally located around the world, are as comfortable in a lab or on a production floor as they are presenting a technical paper.

A Few Packaging OptionsContact us at to utilize our expertise and let us heOriginal Bottle of Indium Preformslp you with your challenge.

Shown here is an original bottle of indium solder preforms with a hand written label.  Today we have a variety of packaging options with printed labels and bar codes to fit your product and application.