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Heat-Spring™ Customer Case Study - LASER Diode Application

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  • Case studies or product reviews typically provide a good indication that a product is worth purchasing. Recently, one customer (whose name I am purposely excluding) provided me some feedback worth sharing following their evaluation of pure indium Heat-Springs™.   The Heat-Spring™ was to be used in a LASER mounting application to a heat sink with limited workspace. Competitor materials had been evaluated already, but the resistance of these made the interface temperature too hot. Pure indium Heat-Springs™ were the next evaluation material.

    In addition to the thermal benefits of this material, the customer realized some mechanical benefits as well. 

    He said, "Handling the Heat-Spring™ material is 10-100 times easier from a fragility point of view [compared with previously evaluated materials], especially in the tight space of our configuration." The Heat-Spring™ can be handled as a small foil with tweezes or a suction tip and placed cleanly into location.

    The Heat-Spring™ is then clamped down to make tight interfacial contact. The LASER customer noted, "Getting consistent results seemed much more straight forward when clamping the material down [compared with other thermal materials including regular indium foils].  I could actually feel the pieces compress as I tightened the screws."

    For further information on using the Heat-Spring™ in applications similar to this LASER diode case study, please feel free to contact me.