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  • What am I plating and why will Indium Corporation have the answer ? 

    Indium Corporation developed the world's first commercial indium plating system in the early 1930's. Since then, we have had a long history of successfully working with many companies to achieve success in a variety of diverse applications.

    Such uses include wafer plating, bearings, fuel pumps, research, jewelery, seals that come into contact with oxidising gases, battery parts, decorative finishes and electrical interconnects.

    Our sulphamate plating bath has several advantages and can be supplied with different anodes to suit. Our indium sulphamate (sulfamate) plating bath:

    • is one of the easiest plating baths to operate and maintain
    • has a proven formulation, capable of heavy production
    • is extremely stable in operation and has a long life
    • has a constant plating rate
    • operates at room temperature
    • has a wide current density range of operation
    • provides a constant, high cathode efficiency rate of 90%
    • makes it simple to reclaim indium from rinse waters

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