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Newest B2B Marcom Video Ad

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  • Indium just released its newest video ad last week at PRODUCTRONICA (our industry's largest exhibition).

    Once again, we humorously depict the quirkiness of the Indium tech staff. Titled OBSESSED, this new series of ads (others are already in the can) suggests the degree that our team is smitten with our products.

    I truly feel that, by relying solely on ultra-technical ads, product data sheets, and dry, in-house demos, any vendor is failing to address the more human side of the customer base. Our customers are very intelligent, with great senses of humor. It really seems to strike a chord when we poke a little fun at ourselves, our customers, the industry's geekiness, etc.

    Several other of our B2B Marcom video ads can be found at my corporate YouTube site.

    As for the "making of" this video, first, I would like to thank the I-Connect 007 team. They are a great resource in helping me get started, in serving as a sounding board, as a super video and post-production team, and as a group of people who make me do weird things on video!

    The #1 question I have been asked this past week is, "Who is that beautiful little girl?" Well, she is a daughter of friends, and a former student in my wife's kindergarten class. Try as we did to get her to accept our acting advice, she did things her way (thankfully) and totally blew us all away. I shudder to think of what would have happened had she listened to our advice. She is simply a natural – and she totally gets it. She mastered the concept of "continuity" and corrected us a few times when we had to reshoot a take – she noticed that things had to be put back to just the way they were in the previous scene. During the "reveal" scene, when she discovers that her Indium Dad had (once again) given her the gift of solder paste, it was her role to look hurt, disappointed, dejected, etc. The first time she did it, it broke all our hearts and brought the taping to a total halt! She killed us. She absolutely steals the ad – what a wonderful talent.

    Do let me know what you think of this latest B2B Marcom ad. Thanks!