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The Power of the Universe

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  • In the last few months, it seems I have been often reminded how powerful the universe can be. Today, checking my email, I found some fantastical photos of Puyehue volcano, in Chile, erupting. This volcano, which had lain dormant for half a century, erupted spectacularly today, 6-6-11. This is merely one of many such coincidences lately. This picture, just one of three breathtaking photos, once again reminds me that the universe is surprising and full of wonder.

    Things in my life have been pretty wonderful lately as well. I love my career, and my new husband. As the flowers have bloomed this spring, so has everything in my life. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my friends and family and community.

    Of course, this also reminds me that the universe provides. Whatever you want… if you ask the universe for it; pursue it in your actions every day; and have patience and faith that it will come to you. It will. 

    Just a short bit of inspiration for the day. As my father quotes from Bill & Ted: “Be excellent to each other.”

    Peace, Brook