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What's Big, Blue, and Blogs?

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  • I met IBM's B2B Marcom expert Sher Taton (Corporate HQ, Armonk, NY, USA) at a recent American Marketing Association seminar called Blogs: Marketing Beyond The Website (previous post). I was immediately impressed with her brains, intensity, position, corporate respect, vision, insight, etc. - the whole package. According to Sher, 'I currently work in Corporate Interactive Marketing where I produce the global On Demand Business sites. I have also been appointed the Marketing Communications lead across the company on blogging.' Imagine the scrutiny Sher wil receive since she is responsible for IBM's foray into the arena!

    From talking to her, it is obvious that Sher respects her company, and cares very much about doing this properly. She will learn a lot - and have a lot to teach us all. I plan on keeping an eye on her personal public blog, and on IBM's unfolding public blogging. I am sure we will be reading a lot about this in all the business magazines/websites in the near future. Good luck Sher, and welcome to the public blogosphere.