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What Do the Equipment Suppliers Have to Say?

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  • As a follow-up to my most recent blog post on the importance of controlling the soldering iron tip temperature, I thought the Indium Corporation team could reach out directly to our equipment supplier friends in the industry for their opinion.

    We asked soldering iron tip suppliers if they agreed with the following statement: “As temperature increases, tip life decreases.”

    Their responses are below:

    • “Yes, we would agree. Not only does tip life decrease, but you run into oxidation issues as well.”
    •  “Certainly (we) would agree with that statement,” and, “we agree 100% that high temperatures speed up tip wear.”
    •  “It is exactly how you say; tip temperature and life is correlated!” These suppliers also shared a valuable graph to illustrate the relationship.

    There you have it, straight from the equipment suppliers. If you want to extend the life of your soldering iron tips, turn down the heat!