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Why Is Blogging Important?

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  • Today I was asked, 

    "Why Is Blogging Important?"

    I replied:


    • Time is important (time kills deals – people need to move fast)
    • Competitiveness is important (customers must know more and move quicker than their competition)
    • The Internet is important
    • Search is important
    • Google is important
    • Baidu is important
    • 3rd-party endorsements are important (when I am forwarded, I win)
    • Mobile is important (increasingly, people have no desks, they work on the fly, 24/7)
    • Authenticity is important (no Madison Avenue spin-meisters, no stock photography, no spokesmodels)
    • Brand & image are important (it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!)
    • Long-tail is important (people need highly-specialized wisdom on extremely specific topics)
    Why is B2B blogging important to you?

    PS Follow-up: Here is where my comments (expanded) were published (today). Enjoy!