Rel-ion Technology for e-Mobility

Reliable, Scalable, and Proven Solders for Key Electronics in Electric Vehicles Manufacturing
Over four million electric vehicles are on the street with Indium Corporation’s Rel-ion™ suite of products. Our proven products deliver reliability with no Zero km failures to modules, components, and systems such as:
  • ADAS
  • Autopilot
  • Battery Cells
  • Battery Management Systems
  • DC-DC Converters
  • DC Fast Charging (DCFC)
  • Energy Storage
  • IGBT
  • Infotainment
  • Inverters
  • On-Board Battery Chargers
  • Power MOSFET
  • Telematics (TCU)
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Driving e-Mobility: Rel-ion™ Technical Webinars series will address a range of topics beneficial to anyone with technical involvement or interest in electric vehicles and the automotive industry.
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InSIDER Series Rel-ion Technical Webinars
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  • Dendrites and Corrosion – Meets stricter SIR with rework solutions to pass SIR unheated
  • Electrical Continuity – Eliminates non-wet opens and head-in-pillow defects
  • Leakage Current – Contains low Alpha particle solution for >650-volt GaN dies
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  • Solder Delamination – Provides precision bondline control, increased creep resistance, and increased fatigue resistance
  • Longer Mission Profiles – Shows increased operating temperatures and longer thermal and power cycles
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  • Hot Spots – Reduces voiding, increases CPU/GPU thermal requirements, and provides materials for power modules, IGBT, and DSC modules

Indium Corporation:

  • Offers global technical field support throughout your supply chain
  • Meets IATF (PPAP), HKMC MS184-1, and AQC 324 requirements

Click here to find out more about Indium Corporation’s comprehensive suite of proven, high-reliability materials for automotive electronics manufacturing.

Solutions for e-Mobility

Semiconductor Level Solutions

  • Suite of Indium Corporation fluxes and semiconductor-grade solder pastes that improve yields and have material compatibility for SoC, GPUs/CPUs, SiP, DDR, AI accelerators, and more

Power Module Level Solutions

  • Bondline control between substrate and baseplate for IGBT and MOSFET applications
  • Improved thermal cycling (3X improvement in reliability)
  • DBC to baseplate attach with low voiding and high TCE
  • Drop-in processing solution

PCBA Level Solutions

  • Suite of Indium Corporation solder pastes that meet longer mission profiles, higher operating temperatures, and increased thermal cycles

Products Driving Reliability

Solder Pastes

Indium Corporation produces a wide range of SAC305 solder paste products to fit every need and challenge in the PCB Assembly and semiconductor manufacturing market space. Solder paste can be manufactured in hundreds of alloys and with powder sizes ranging from Type 3 to Type 8. Solder pastes are available for a wide variety of process deposition techniques, including printing, dipping, dispensing, jetting, and pin transfer assembly. Each formula is specifically designed to meet the gamut of manufacturing challenges that plague the electronics manufacturing industry. Whether you are dealing with warpage-induced defects, voiding, insufficient solder paste volume, or electrical or mechanical reliability issues, Indium Corporation’s solder pastes—coupled with our world-renowned technical support—allow for the lowest total cost of ownership and fewer end-of-line-defects.


Indium Corporation's Indium8.9HF Solder Paste is a PROVEN product for void reduction.

Halogen-Free, No-Clean Solder Paste for Automotive Applications

Indium8.9HF is a proven solder paste series that delivers no-clean, halogen-free solutions designed to produce low-voiding, enhanced electrical reliability, and improved stability during the printing process. Indium8.9HF provides a unique oxidation barrier technology that eliminates HIP defects and graping, making it perfectly suited for automotive and electronics assembly applications.

  • Halogen-free
  • Low-voiding QFN, DPAK, and BGA packages (<15%)
  • 60 hours stencil life (22–28°C and 30–60 RH)
  • 12 months refrigerated storage (0–10°C)
  • Head-in-pillow and graping elimination with unique flux oxidation barrier technology
  • Excellent pin-in-paste and through-hole solderability
  • Proven to be compatible with SAC305
  • Compatible with different conformal coatings, such as polyurethane, acrylic, and silicone
  • No dendritic growth under high-power, low-standoff MOSFETs (as validated with automotive customers)
  • Proven low ionics (1.56µgrams/sq.cm)
  • Meets HKMC MS184-01 testing criteria Type B—one of the automotive industry’s most stringent reliability criteria
  • Exceeds all requirements for enhanced electrical reliability and SIR performance
Indium8.9HF Enhanced SIR Requirements Standard SIR (J-STD-004B) Requirements
Minimum SIR requirement 5,000 MOhms 100 MOhms
Time 1,000 hours 168 hours
Spacing 0.2mm 0.5mm
Voltage 10V, 50V 5V
SIR coupon B52 B24

Indium10.8HF Pb-Free Solder Paste

Indium10.8HF Pb-Free Solder Paste

Indium10.8HF Pb-Free Solder Paste Addresses
Non-Wet Opens (NWOs)

Indium10.8HF solder paste enables low cost of ownership to PCB assembly customers through an all-around balanced performance, including stencil printing yields, low voiding, and soldering yields.

Indium10.8HF is versatile, with a balanced set of properties:

  • Meets leading OEM standards for non-wet open resistance
  • Oxidation barrier technology delivers strong resistance to:
    • Head-in-pillow defects
    • Graping (non-coalescence of powder particles)
  • Strong surface oxide cleaning and pad wetting during reflow ramp
  • Low voiding on BGSs, CSPs, and QFNs
  • Outstanding printing performance with high transfer efficiency and low variability
  • Excellent response-to-pause

Indium10.8HF works best in applications that require:

  • Warpage-induced defect elimination, such as non-wet opens and HIP.  These are typically BGA microprocessors with thin core substrates and high IO counts that are found in PCs and tablets

Key Features:

  • Excellent non-wet open and HIP resistance
  • Low voiding on BGA/CSP/QFN
  • Outstanding print transfer and response-to-pause performance
  • Good all-around balanced performance


Durafuse<sup>®</sup> LT

Low-temperature drop shock solution (*Patent Pending)

Durafuse®LT is a novel solder paste mixed-alloy system for low-temperature reflow processes which require high drop shock reliability. Durafuse®LT is made-up of a low-melting indium-containing alloy and a higher-melting SAC alloy. The SnInAg alloy initiates joint fusion while the SAC alloy provides strength and durability. Durafuse®LT is ideal for high-reliability applications, which utilize thermally-sensitive components.



InFORMS® are reinforced solder preforms that help maintain a uniform bondline thickness. This maximizes the thermal and mechanical reliability of the solder joint, along with improving its strength. InFORMS® can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, including rectangles and discs, as well as custom shapes to suit specific application requirements. InFORMS® also come in the form of ribbon for automated assembly.


Indalloy®133 solder is a common lead-free solder. Antimony added to tin increases the melting temperature rather than forming a lower melting eutectic. The stability of the SnSb intermetallic compound (IMC) is an advantage in higher temperature applications where the stability of SAC alloys is marginal. The tin matrix of the SnSb alloy remains ductile while the antimony in solution provides solid solution strengthening. The grain refining effects of the IMC promotes toughness at low temperatures associated with finer grain sizes. For more information about Indalloy®133, please download our product data sheet.

Quality Assurance

IATF Certified

Indium Corporation has demonstrated effective implementation of a management system that satisfies the tough global auto supply chain standard recognized by automotive industry leaders worldwide. Designed to improve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements and needs with high-quality products, IATF 16949 provides a critical guiding framework for the industry and encourages an internal culture focused on ongoing improvement.

The IATF 16949:2016 is an international Automotive Quality Management System Standard aimed at continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention, and reducing variation and waste in the automotive industry supply chain.

To find out more, please select a region to view region-specific certifications.

HKMC MS184-01 (Type B) Testing Criteria

Indium Corporation’s Indium8.9HF is an ultra-reliable, void-reducing solder paste for automotive applications. It meets HKMC MS184-01 (Type B) testing criteria, which is one of the automotive industry’s most stringent reliability criteria.

Contact us to find out more about our other products that also meet HKMC MS184-01 (Type B) testing criteria.

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