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A Day in the Life of Indium Scrap

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  • I recently read an interesting bit of information on the Waste Management website. It was called “A Day in the Life of an Aluminum Can” - which is both more original, and sounds better than the title of this post. I admit it…

    Anyway, it did a great job of breaking down the steps of recycling a can. Let’s try that here with indium scrap:

    1) Customer contacts Indium Corporation to recycle scrap indium.

    2) Customer receives a scrap declaration from Indium Corporation.

    3) A sample is sent to Indium Corporation for analysis with the completed declaration.

    4) The sample is analyzed for impurities.

    5) The rest of the indium scrap is sent to Indium Corporation.

    6) The indium scrap is checked before further processing.

    7) The indium scrap is processed to remove impurities.

    8) The indium is used to make new indium products.

    9) The indium products are used by customers until they are ready to be replaced – and recycled again.

    If you have indium scrap and want to keep the cycle going, contact us at