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Au/Sn Sputtering Targets

In addition to Au/Sn sputtering pucks, Indium Corporation can also manufacture full size Au/Sn sputtering targets.  80Au/20Sn is a versatile solder that is used in a wide variety of specialty applications within (and outside of) the photovoltaic world.






Au/Sn is commonly used as a Pb-free solder to attach Au surfaces.  The 80/20 alloy melts at 280°C, and can be used with a mild flux or a reducing atmosphere.  Another key point of 80Au/20Sn solder is that it has a tensile strength of 40,000psi.  This material's high melting point, combined with the non-hazardous nature of Au and Sn have made it very popular for Pb-free assemblies that must endure subsequent Pb-free reflow temperatures (~245°C).




Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert