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Check Out Maggie Benson's Journey


Over ten years ago, I created the characters Patty and The Professor. The intent was to tell SMT assembly process improvement stories through these two superstar characters on my blog, hopefully with some humor and sentimentality. Initially, I expected to post only several entries. However, as time went by, it became dozens of postings. Eventually the postings became a book. A soft copy of this book can be downloaded here for free.

Maggie Benson drawing by Sophie Morvan

About a year ago, with the encouragement of iConnect007, I developed a new character, Maggie Benson. Maggie was a student of Patty from the above book. Maggie is gifted a small circuit board assembly factory from her grandparents. Accompanied by her fiancé and a small cast of memorable characters, she travels on an improvement journey for her acquired company.  

I tried to make the journey fun and informative. The stories start here. Check them out and see if you agree.


Dr. Ron