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Gallium-Indium Alloys for Mechanical Uses (Liquid at Room Temperature)

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  • In a previous post I mentioned some non-solder uses for low melting point alloys – meaning that they are used for purposes other than simply “joining two surfaces with a filler metal”. There is a second category of materials which do not mechanically join two surfaces – although they do provide electrical and thermal coupling. I’m talking about metal that is liquid at room temperature!

    Gallium-indium-based alloys are non-toxic and, unlike other metails which are liquid at room temperature, are not highly reactive. GaIn alloys can be used for the following liquid metal applications:

    • As a static thermal interface material for electronics components (ex. CPU processor cooling).
    • As a dynamic thermal interface material for heat exchangers (ex. nuclear reactors).
    • As a thermometer material
    • As a captive electrical conductor
    • In mirror fabrication

    I’m always interested in new liquid metal applications. If you have one in mind, let me know!

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