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High Temperature, Pb-free Die-Attach Material Project Webinars - iNEMI

On April 14th, iNEMI will host two webinars for the purpose of discussing a new project geared toward High Temperature, Pb-free Die Attach Materials. There are two webinars to accommodate different time zones around the world. The first will be at 9:00 am EDT US, which is 13:00 in GMT, and 22:00 in Japan. And the second will be at 9:00 am, Singapore Time, which is April 13, 21:00pm EDT and 18:00pm PDT, USA.

The project leaders are Sze Pei Lim of Indium Corporation and Kinya Ichikawa of Intel.  




There is no single identified drop-in solution for high temp Pb-free material for die-attach that can replace current high Pb options.

Higher junction temperature for under-the-hood automotive application requires higher reliability alloys which can fulfill the stringent TCT requirement

Purpose of Project

The purpose of this project is to assess the processability and reliability of different Pb-free materials available for power semiconductor die attach application on leadframe or ceramic substrate, which is using Pb-containing material currently. This is one of the challenges in material identified in 2013 iNEMI Package Technology Roadmap.

 This project is phased approaches. Phase 1 is to conduct the benchmarking on the technology or material availability and trends with current POR material and process. Phase 2 is to perform the experiment to ensure the reliability performances by selecting the material candidates.

 The anticipated benefits are to provide the various options of material solutions from the two phased projects.

 Application targets – Power MOSFET, IGBT modules, Integrated Power modules






9:00 am, Singapore Time, which is April 13, 21:00pm EDT and 18:00pm PDT, USA