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Mock Interviews Are A Great Experience for Employers and Students

  • Human Resources

  • Recently I was asked by two area schools, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and Utica College, to come to campus and participate in mock interviews with students. As someone who participates in interviews virtually every day as part of my job, I can honestly say that I was pretty excited to be able to go and share my experience with some local students. For those that may not know, a mock interview is essentially a practice simulation of what it is like to go on an interview. It is an invaluable tool for students of any grade level to prepare for the situations, and different types of questions, they might encounter during an actual interview, without the pressure of actually having a job on the line!

    If you are a current college student, or even a recent graduate attempting to enter the work force, I urge you to contact your school's career center to ask about mock interview sessions. Remember, the more information you can provide about a prospective company or career opportunity, the more specific and realistic the interview will seem. At the very least, participating in a mock interview can give students inexperienced at interviewing a chance to receive some sample questions, and see what it is like to have to think on their feet while across the table from someone intent on their answer. 

    It is important to remember that a job search, and particularly interviewing, is a skill like any other that you may have to develop. Practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice than with professionals that give interviews every day? So, sign up and take advantage of mock interviews and the other opportunities your career center provides you with as students. Come prepared with questions, and be willing to work at acquiring a skill set in interviewing prior to entering the workforce. Thank you to SUNY Polytechnic and Utica College for having me at your recent events. Your students will make very impressive job candidates in the near future!