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Gold-Based Solder Wire for High-Reliability Applications

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  • 80Au20Sn solder wire is widely used in the aerospace and medical electronics fields. The wire is used in hand soldering, or automated processes, for soldering wires to contacts. The alloy's high shear and tensile strengths (40,000psi) ensures a strong reliable joint. The other advantage of using 80Au20Sn solder wire is its high eutectic melting temperature (280°C). The gold-tin alloy also has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity for high performance applications.

    88Au12Ge, with a eutectic melting temperature of 356°C, is also available. The 88Au12Ge alloy also offers good thermal conductivity and shear strength for high-temperature electronics soldering.

    Indium Corporation's gold wire capabilities:

    • 80Au20Sn and 88Au12Ge alloys
    • 80Au20Sn wire diameters start at 0.025mm +-/0.0127mm (0.001”+-.0005”)
    • 88Au12Ge wire diameters start at 0.254mm +-/0.025mm (0.010”+-0.001”)
    • Tight dimensional tolerances
    • Packaging designed to minimize breakage of wire in soldering process.

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