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Newest Online Video Ad Released

  • Indium Corporation

  • Indium Corporation is releasing our newest online video ad over this weekend. It is the second installment in our OBSESSED ad series. Following on the heels of the successful OBSESSED: Christmas, the new ad, titled OBSESSED: Valentine's Day, once again humorously depicts the extent of our industry's collective geekiness in an everyday situation.

    The OBSESSED video ad series is a follow-up to our very successful 2007 video ad campaign, titled: WE KNOW SMT INSIDE AND OUT. All these ads can be seen on Indium Corporation's YouTube Channel .

    Our company has earned a very esteemed, highly-capable and technical reputation, worldwide. Our traditional ads portray that image – and we continue putting forth these traditional ads (print, industry websites, trade e-letters, exhibitions, etc.) – we're not giving up on that. In essence, we've got that corner of the market sewn up – and we can afford to have a little fun. In light of the increasing need to portray personality, these humorous video ads seem to hit our industry just right.

    How do I know they are "just right"? Well, I know these ads are not perfect, but they are garnering thousands of visits on our YouTube channel, and they are getting very positive comments and reviews from industry insiders. I have also heard numerous stories of viral incidents – people are happy to "endorse" these ads by sharing them with friends.

    I'd like to hear your comments and suggestions.