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Selective Soldering: A Collection of Benefits

  • Liquid Flux
  • Wave Solder

  • Selective soldering has been on the rise due to its improved productivity and yields. We have received a lot of customer inquiries about selective soldering products; people want to learn about the process, how it is different from the traditional wave soldering, and what benefits Selective Soldering can provide.

    Selective soldering, under the right conditions and with the right selective solder flux, can provide a number of benefits. Below, you’ll find a summary of those benefits:

    • Cost optimization – Using less solder, flux, and electricity will have long lasting effects!
    • No costly aperture wave solder pallets and no contamination! - There is also no need for costly aperture wave solder pallets since the flux and solder are only introduced where they are programmed.  This means that the integrity of nearby components stays safely intact.
    • Quick and easy process optimization combined with process repeatability – Once the main program is created, it will likely only be a few clicks and adjustments until the process has been optimized.
    • Process flexibility – Similar to robotic soldering, there are a number of programs that can be run to fit the customer’s needs, and small tweaks to optimize the process are just a few adjustments away.

    Indium Corporation offers a full line of wave fluxes that can meet the needs of numerous selective soldering applications.  For example, the WF-9948 flux is excellent for those applications where reliability and minimal post-soldering residues are required.

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