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Soldering: an Indian Engineer's Perspective!

Hi there!

I am excited, this is my first blog post -ever. I am excited that it is a technical blog of Indium Corporation.

My story is very interesting; a common village boy has grown to become part of a BIG corporation in which everyone is obsessed with soldering! It was my passion to learn electronics assembly techniques 10 years ago. I strived and spent many sleepless nights on this – I would say on SMT.  When our Marcom Superstar Anita told me about the blogging opportunity I was really excited… how would I…? Anyway I am here!

So … soldering and solder paste is my passion. I have published two technical papers on solder paste and reflow. And you will see more thru this blog.

My two cents on soldering… although soldering process looks simple and any one can define with a single sentence; it is not a simple process. It is comprised of chemical, physical, and metallurgical process and deals with fluxing, melting of alloy, wetting, spreading, surface tension, coalescence, wicking, intermetallic growth/bonding, time above liquidus (TAL), cooling down for smooth grain structure etc.

We will have more discussions in upcoming post; stay hungry, stay foolish!

Best Regards
Liyakathali.K (Liya)
Sr.Technical Support Engineer - India
Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu