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Tech Spotlight: Maria Durham

While not directly part of Indium Corporation’s Technical Service department, Maria is technology driven and works with our customers to help select the perfect products for their needs. In her role as Product Specialist for Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials she tests all of our newest materials for the semiconductor assembly industry. Check out her new blog for more on that.

Her bio lists some impressive credentials:



Now she is in charge of working with some of our most impressive and interesting products, like ball-attach fluxes, solder spheres, wafer fluxes, and flip chip fluxes. When asked about her current role here at Indium Corporation, she said: “I like having flexibility in my job, a variety of different tasks, as well as being able to work with leading edge materials.”

Outside of work, Maria loves spending time with family and friends. Meet Maria and many of our Indium Corporation family here.

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert